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About Us

WELCOME to Johnny’s Italian Dining !

We’re Ron and Kim…and we GREATLY appreciate you taking the time to stop by ! If you’ve never dined at Johnny’s before, we hope that this visit to our site will result in you sharing an evening with us soon. If we are to believe what we are often told, we have combined an atmosphere along with a menu which has compelled many to say that Johnny’s is their favorite destination in which to dine, socialize and relax. We hope you will soon feel the same !

We are located in Wilmerding, Pennsylvania.

Yes…we are in Wilmerding.

Wilmerding is not on the beaten path.

But we are PROUD of Wilmerding…and we are VERY proud of the reputation we have earned over the many years we have been serving our loyal patron’s.

Wilmerding is just over the hill from Monroeville, and we are a regular dining destination of many who travel from West Virginia, Ohio, and many areas of Pittsburgh…looking for that “memorable” dining and socializing experience. Many often tell us that they regularly pass other restaurants with great reputations…just so they can dine and be entertained…at Johnny’s !

You can meet some of these folks, on our testimonials page, and we encourage you to read what OTHER’S have to say.

Johnny’s has a long history of providing a consistently positive dining experience, combined with providing superb entertainment and for having a “Cheers” type bar…where EVERYONE knows your name…and if they don’t…they’ll treat you as if you’ve been coming here all of your life!

The “feeling of belonging” and the “atmosphere” are just 2 of the many reasons why the testimonials you’ll see and read are so genuine.

Here’s how it all got started.

Johnny’s in Wilmerding was established in 1993 by John and Harriet Fusilli. But the history of Johnny’s dates back to the 1960’s when Johnny was parking cars at the Phoenix Motel in Monroeville. When he wasn’t parking cars, John was hanging around the kitchen helping and learning as much as he could.

His career took a major turn one day when one of the chef’s didn’t show up. John stepped in and soon developed a loyal following.

In 1977, the loyals followed John to the Wooden Nickel in Monroeville, and in 1980 to Johnny’s in the Parkvale Building, also in Monroeville. It is there that John met me, the current owner, Ron Zummo. I was working at Monzo’s Howard Johnson’s, and when John needed time off, I would head across the parking lot to help out.

I continued to help out over the years in Wilmerding on a few occasions until I returned to an earlier job as Head Chef at Willowbrook Country Club ( which was built ironically by the Westinghouse Air Brake employees in Wilmerding.) After eight years there, my wife Kim and I purchased Johnny’s and have continued the tradition of quality food, a focus on service and a warm casual atmosphere that has made Johnny’s a “favorite” destination of many.

YOU….can be a part of this wonderful story.

If you are looking for personalized cuisine…….a bar that is often compared to “Cheers”…weekend entertainment that will allow you to think you took a quick road trip to Vegas…and the opportunity to meet a mingle with a diverse group of people who LOVE LIFE…you can find ALL of this at Johnny’s !

You will find young and old…professionals…retirees, laborers, locals and people who have driven far distances. You’ll see men in suits and men in jeans. You’ll see women in dresses and high heels, and women in khaki’s !

It’s a GREAT crowd with people from ALL walks of life…all looking for the SAME thing: Cuisine that you will not soon forget, EXCEPTIONAL service and a  “Contagious” atmosphere….all at EXTREMELY REASONABLE PRICES !

Please click on the menu link next, to learn more about our menu, food preparation and WHY so many call Johnny’s their FAVORITE restaurant. And again, we encourage you to check out the testimonials page so that you can see and hear what OTHERS are saying ! Then….bring an appetite and a desire for a RELAXED….”CATERED TO” experience !

We look forward to serving you…

Johnny’s Fine Italian Dining

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