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Welcome to our Testimonials, Photos and Video’s page !

Please take the time to read what our customers are saying…and then…be the NEXT person on this page !

This page also has photos and video’s which will give you an idea as to what all the “BUZZ” is about !

Get on out here and have a GREAT meal with us…and de-stress with some GREAT people !


Hi there. I’m Brian (also known as “Bean”) along with my wife Karen. You heard what we said in the video on the homepage…and we want YOU to feel the same way ! Johnny’s is the BEST ! Many of our friends and family also choose Johnny’s as their FAVORITE restaurant and place to unwind. We HIGHLY recommend Johnny’s !

I’ve worked very hard my entire life and owned successful businesses. I can eat anywhere I want. I choose Johnny’s as my FIRST choice because of the food and the outstanding service. The atmosphere here is incredible, and going anywhere else, is always a disappointment ! That’s why you’ll find me here OFTEN ! Herb….Aspinwall

Dinner…drinks and entertainment ? We look forward to our night’s out, and Johnny’s has it all ! Our FAVORITE food…by far…and we LOVE the diverse crowd and have made some great friends here. We wouldn’t give a THUMBS UP unless we were VERY impressed ! We are !

Sometimes you just want to get dressed up and have a night on the town. When we are in the mood for amazing food and a fun night out, we immediately think of Johnny’s. The food really is remarkable, always consistent, the prices are great along with the portions, and we LOVE the entertainment ! The crowd is also a plus. People dressed up and people very casual. It doesn’t matter. We’re all having fun and having GREAT food ! – Al and Judy…Pittsburgh

I would drive a LONG way, for good Stuffed Eggplant. I was told about the Stuffed Eggplant that was served at Johnny’s a few years back. I made the drive out, and was simply amazed. I have had stuffed eggplant at many restaurants, here in Pittsburgh and in other states. There is NO comparison ! It is THAT good ! Everything I have ordered from Johnny’s is superior quality. But I order the eggplant almost every time I am here. Try it ! You’ll see why ! – Bill V. Pittsburgh

You will ALWAYS be greeted with a WARM…FRIENDLY smile at Johnny’s ! Discover what it feels like to be “Catered to” !


Girls night out ? We ALWAYS choose Johnny’s !

My brother who worked beside me. He is very missed. 


Kim is one of those “People” people ! Not only is she ownership…she is also “Server Extraordinaire”…and she will become your BEST FRIEND ! Don’t be surprised if she sits down with you and asks how you are doing ! That is the atmosphere you will ALWAYS find here !

A special cake provided for SPECIAL people who chose Johnny’s to celebrate many years of marriage.

We don’t live near Johnny’s…but GLADLY drive the extra miles and pass many other restaurants in order to experience INCREDIBLE service, FANTASTIC food, and socializing with some really wonderful people. The ownership TRULY shows how committed they are to providing a GREAT experience. We chose Johnny’s to commemorate a VERY special day, and we were treated like royalty ! We couldn’t give a more robust recommendation !

The night this photo was taken, was our wedding anniversary. There are SO many places around Pittsburgh that we could have chosen to eat and celebrate. The ONLY choice was Johnny’s ! We are aware that this photo and our testimonial is being used on the Johnny’s website. We are NOT related to anyone here nor do we feel obligated to brag about this place. It is THE BEST RESTAURANT we know of, and you get SO much for SO little ! The food is awesome, the prices are great, the portions are BIG and the atmosphere is simply PERFECT. If you don’t try Johnny’s…you are really missing out on a PHENOMENAL event. – Jessica and Domenic…Pittsburgh

Some of the OUTSTANDING…PERSONABLE…WELL TRAINED staff who will BEND OVER BACKWARDS to make you feel that YOU…are the MOST IMPORTANT person in the building !

Our LEGENDARY…SECRET RECIPE Chocolate Cake ! You have NOT had chocolate cake…until you try this. The icing will leave you speechless ! We’re not kidding ! It’s THAT GOOD !

Kim with some of the regulars who have been dining here for MANY years…and who HIGHLY recommend Johnny’s !

If you knew us, you’d know that we would NEVER drive 20 miles out of our way, and pass many other fine restaurants, if it wasn’t worth our time or the drive. Trust us when we tell you…….JOHNNY’S is a REMARKABLE restaurant ! All you’ll have to do is visit one time…and you’ll understand. That’s what happened to us. Friends of ours always raved about the food and the atmosphere…and we joined them one night. That was several years ago, and we are here now on a regular basis.

We GLADLY drive from South Hills, to dine and unwind at Johnny’s. We all agree that Johnny’s is EXACTLY what a dining experience and a night out, should be ! There is a REAL difference in the QUALITY and FLAVOR of the food. The service almost makes you feel as though you don’t deserve to be treated so good ! The prices are great and the entertainment and surroundings are absolutely perfect ! HIGH PRAISE to the ownership. THIS is what dining and socializing is supposed to be !

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